Summer came, and we go on vacation to the seas and beaches. But injuries, intestinal infections and other misfortunes happen even in beautiful places. Any carefully planned vacation can be spoiled if you forget about the first-aid kit full with the necessary set of medicines. Properly stuffed travel kit guarantees minor injuries and ailments will not spoil your rest. Pay attention to the basic set of medicines that you should take with you:

1. For cuts, abrasions, burns, including solar
Hydrogen peroxide, iodine (or betadine), brilliant green sticks (they are especially convenient and compact), patches, bandages and drugs based on D-panthenol for burns.

2. Cold, flu, SARS and related diseases
Painkillers and antipyretic drugs. Solutions / sprays for throat and nose, antiviral drugs, antiseptic for mucous membranes

3. Allergic diseases
Antihestamines (preferably the last generation, with minimal side effects)

4. Poisoning, frustration and intestinal infections
Sorbents and Ecofuril®, which has a double effect against intestinal infections restoring microflora and a key medication for any first aid kit.

Of course, the above listed set of medicines is basic for travel kits. Its final content will depend on traveling. For example, if you are traveling with children, it is necessary to select drugs for the child (this applies primarily to antipyretic and analgesic drugs).

If the traveler has any chronic diseases, it is necessary to have medicine for these problems in the travel first aid kit. At first glance, the things seem obvious, but if a person takes medications not regularly, but only during exacerbations, there is a risk of forgetting them.

Also, the content of the road kit depends on where you are going. For example, if you are going to nature, you need to take sunscreen, insect repellent. If you are going on vacation abroad, make sure that the drugs in your hand luggage meet the standards and do not confuse customs. Instead of a mercury thermometer, take an electronic one in your carry-on baggage on board the aircraft. Hypertensives are allowed to carry a blood pressure monitor in their carry-on baggage.

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