Indeed, Ecofuril® refers to antimicrobial agents. It is known that the effect of antimicrobial drugs on pathogenic bacteria in the human body often leads to the imbalanced intestinal microflora. To restore the intestinal microbiota, pro-and prebiotics should be taken. Ecofuril® does not affect the beneficial bacteria in the intestine and contains a prebiotic that helps preserve and restore balanced normal intestinal microflora. Therefore, after taking Ecofuril®, other probiotics are not required.

Ecofuril® refers to antimicrobial agents, in turn, antibiotics also belong to this group. However, Ecofuril®, eliminating pathogenic bacteria in the intestine, is practically not absorbed into the blood and does not have a systemic effect on the body.
Taking Ecofuril® does not depend on having meal. Affect on the pathogen begins after taking the first dose, however, the duration of health improving depends on the severity of the condition and the degree of intestinal infection. Usually, the first improvement signs reveal themselves in 24 to 36 hours from the start of treatment.
Taking antimicrobial drug Ecofuril® for the prevention of intestinal infections is not recommended. Ecofuril ® effectively eliminates the cause of infectious diarrhea and preserves and restores the normal intestinal microflora due to the prebiotic included.
Ecofuril should be taken for diarrhea caused by the infection. As for the high temperature, you most likely have an intestinal infection. Take Ecofuril® in a dose of 200 mg 4 times a day for 7 days. However, if there will be no positive dynamics in a day from the start of treatment, we recommend you to consult a doctor.
According to the instructions for medical use, Ecofuril® should be taken for no more than 7 days. Usually, Ecofuril therapy course lasts 5-7 days.
For adults, Ecofuril® is prescribed in a dose of 200 mg 4 times a day for no longer than 7 days. That is, 28 tablets are meant for 1 person. For two get 2 packs of Ecofuril 200mg №30

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